Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Months Together!

It's crazy how fast this transistion period is flying by.  I have so much to say about how far you guys have come this month, with your english, your bonding, your peace and comfort.  But, I'm just exhausted and it's stinking hot here in Texas.  I believe this monthly update is simply going to be about your gorgeous faces, and less words!
You guys have no fear, and no sense of which end is up when you're tumbling and having fun!

We really loved traveling to Houston for the Memorial Day Weekend.  You guys got to hang out with several of your buddies from the Transistion Home in Ethiopia, and I got a chance to chat the day away with my Yahoo Group Sisters!

My sweet fellow AWAA Mom Cindi Koceich with Selah Studios took these portraits of the kids and we love them so much.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Mommy, Bekeh like Ethiopia better."

So, Bekeh you've really been missing your homeland a lot lately. Our trip to Houston was perfectly timed, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Your friend from the Transistion Home in Ethiopia flew in from Ohio, and y'all got to spend the day together. You were thrilled to see Winnie, and we could tell it really helped you to have "part of Ethiopia" back in your life.
Look at how sweet you were playing "Coffee" in Ethiopia and now the smiles are just as big when you're together in Texas! Today was an especially good day. We laughed and giggled a lot. "This is awesome!" came out of your mouth over and over. After awhile I asked you, "Do you like being at Mommy's house?" You looked at me for awhile and softly said, "No. I like Askalech's house." I understand sweet Bekeh. All the food, love, and security in the world doesn't take away the hurt of leaving your family and your sister behind. Mommy said, "I'm sorry you cannot see Askalech, I know you miss her." You said, "Mommy, Bekeh like Ethiopia better." And I gave you a big hug.
So, then I asked you, "Do you like Mommy?" And you smirked and said, "NO!" "NO? What can Mommy do better?" I asked with a smile. You giggled and said, "Mommy play kitchen in my room." "Oh! I see. . ." And off we went to bake plastic veggies. . .