Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ONE YEAR TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year.  We looked toward this day all through the tough times of waiting, and transition, and bonding.  We looked toward this benchmark with hopeful hearts, and faithful eyes that surely by this date God would have grafted us together, made us one family, united, totally in love, and bonded.  It's amazing how hard we've worked over the last two years.  First to get them home to us, and then to make them part of our family.  One of my favorite quotes of Dr Phil is, "Time heals nothing, it only provides the opportunity for healing and growth."  We have made every use of every opportunity, especially the ones we failed initially, to grow, push harder, claw towards each other with commitment and love.  We've still got a long way to go, but I'm in awe of our Heavenly Father who has shown Himself so close, who has spoken to our hearts when we didn't have the words to say, who has shown us how to love these strangers as our own, just as He first loved us and adopted us.
It's unbelievable that in 12 months they've gone from speaking no English, to talking non-stop.  And I mean, non-stop.  One of the most frequently heard phrase in our house is, "Bekeh, please, hush for a little bit!"  The two of them have such different personalities, but they are so perfectly designed for this family, just as goofy, off the wall, crazy, and a bit dramatic and emotional at times too!  Caleb's gone from being a baby to a little boy this year.  No more diapers, no more crying fits for hours, no more whining constantly.  He now talks, demands, and manipulates our hearts with his adorable smile.  Bekeh is learning so much every day.  How to write, recognize her letters, and how to open and break everything in the house.
They don't really remember life in Ethiopia anymore.  The things they regurgitate are things we've told them.  It makes me sad, but I know it was inevitable at their ages.  We are mom and dad, and they are our children.  We have the five best kiddos on the planet and I'm so glad God gave them to us in His perfect timing and by His perfect plan.