Friday, July 10, 2009

We got the receipt for our I-600A!

Tonight when I went to the mailbox I got the receipt for our I-600A from the USCIS office, which means our 1171-H is officially on the way! (But still a good 2-3 months out!) I'm so excited! We're one half step closer to being DTE!!!
(Don't you non-adopting families just love all this lingo which is plain garbled rubbish to you!?!?) Just say a whoo hoo with us! It's great news!


  1. That was SO fast!!! Praying your I171 comes fast too!!!

  2. haha! I have learned just enough from reading Amy's blog to know that this is a good thing! I am working on that letter, don't fret! I am so excited for you!