Friday, August 14, 2009

We're in the System!

We can no longer commit any major crimes and hope to escape unnoticed. Our prints are officially in the FBI system! The lady taking mine commented, "Oh! Wonderful, your prints are so nice and plump! Most stay at home mom's we scan have no fingerprints at all. It's as if they've scrubbed them off with a brilo pad." To which I have to say thank you Rita for exposing two of my most negative secrets, 1. Everything about me is nice and plump sister, and 2. No, I do not do housework or scrub anything with a brilo pad thereby creating any opportunity for removing my fingerprints. They are and will forever be present and accounted for.
Let the countdown to our I-171H arriving begin. And please allow me to apologize to the mailman in advance, excuse me, mail lady, I will be stalking you. Whenever your loud little red truck with the magnetic US Post RURAL sign slapped crooked on the door is heard coming down the street, engine and brakes alternating in a hum and a screech as you stop at each mailbox, I will run out like a mad woman, and I may even forget to make sure I'm properly dressed. This is your two week notice.


  1. woo hoo!!! Soooo excited for you!!!

  2. yay for your nice finger prints! mine were totally invisible! it took lots of moisturizing and prayer to bring them out!

    so sorry we had to cut Levi's precious locks--- long story, but had to be done! we have an arsenal of expensive hair products, but i don't have the heart to rip through his thick tangled head every day to keep it looking presentable.......too many tears! there are ALWAYS those who can't wait to give advice about what to do with your african child's hair!

    congratulations on your adoption!! so excited for you!! it's been the greatest joy of our lives! :)))

  3. Oh that cracked me up. Hope your I-171H arrives quickly!!!

  4. I am right there with you. I love it!! We were fingerprinted on the 8th, so I'm thinking any day now. Glad to have someone in the same boat to share in it.
    - Abigail
    P.s. still haven't done the blog, and really want to :)