Monday, March 29, 2010


I was working on photos of our trip to Ethiopia today when Bekeh woke up from her nap and walked into my office. This picture was up on the screen and she instantly exclaimed, "Daddy!"
In Cancun, Caleb was calling Jason "Ababa" which he rarely does at home, and I looked at Bekeh and said, "Ababa?" to see what she would say since she's never spoken the word herself. (I know it means Daddy, but I wanted to see what she said.) She said, "Ababa is Daddy." It was the first time for her to "translate" for me. The only other words she still says in her native tongue are ooha and shint.

I had shown her video and pictures a week or so after we returned home and she didn't seem to have any reaction at all. I even wondered if she remembered her time in the village. But today she knew her daddy and she knew Askalech and was confident enough to tell me in English who they were.

I then showed her a picture of Jason and Lapeso together and asked her who they were. She said, "Daddy, and, uh, Daddy! Two Daddies!" It was so sweet.

We then heard Caleb stirring and she began calling for him very excitedly to come look at the pictures. I put one of just Lapeso up first and he looked at it for a minute and quietly said, "Daddy." But then when I put the picture of Jason up he began jumping up and down yelling, "Daddy Daddy Daddy" and laughing. I would point to Lapeso and he would completely ignore me until I pointed to Jason and then he would get excited.

I'm glad to know they remember their first father. I wish I could seal their good memories away so they'd never lose them, and hopefully keeping pictures around the house will help them do that. I cried for a while after they scuttled off to find their sippie cups. As much as I love them to pieces, it would have been better for them to stay with their first father if he had been able. I want to do so much for their village to help make it easier for them to keep their children and not have to make the sacrificial and painful decision Lapeso was forced to make for their lives.
Thank you heavenly Daddy for working all things for our good.


  1. wow!! I am going to try showing Winnie her uncle's picture again. SHe had no reaction the first time and acted as if she didn't know who he is. Tell Bekka WInnie says HI!!!

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