Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Months Together!

I sat down with Brooklyn and asked her how she thought the last month had gone with the transition and the family, and she said it perfectly, "It's been good Mom.  Everyone's been in a good mood, and it's seemed, well, just normal around here."  That's exactly what the 7th Month felt like, just normal.  No drama, no trauma, no sorrow, no overwhelming stress.  Just life, pretty well balanced, all getting done, lots of laughter, lots of fun, normal family of seven kind of stuff.
Bekeh and Caleb, you've settled in and found your niche in the family.  You aren't visitors, you aren't strangers, you're a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a Crazy Root - you're just fun filled life living little Texans.

The most exciting and eventful moment of this month was when a judge here in our County declared that you are now Citizens, Officially Texans, and full fledged card carrying members of the United States of America.  Your adoption is now recorded in the hallowed halls of the State of Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics, your birthdays are now officially 04-22-07 and 05-05-05 and your names are now legally and forevermore Bekelech Eva Root and Caleb Wesley Dereje Root.  YeeHaw!

We spent several days with your cousins this month and it was so precious to watch the four of you together.  Two from China, two from Ethiopia, but four cousins for the rest of your lives.  You guys played non stop and giggled even longer.  I could have never dreamed this beautiful picture in a million years just a short bit ago.  God is amazing and His plans for our lives are unbelievable!
 David and Shanna came into town with Kyle and we had a fun evening at Medieval Times.  You guys loved the horses and all the loud cheering.  Most of all you guys love Mr. David and Ms. Shanna, and they love you too.  We can not wait for them to be matched with their son in Ethiopia so you guys can have another Ethiopian cousin in the family!

Daddy's highlight of this month was getting to take the two of you to your first live performance.  We take your brothers and sisters to the theater all the time, and it starts young.  You guys were thrilled to go to The Wiggles!  Daddy said you two never stopped bouncing for a single moment!  You were laughing and dancing and a delight for all those around you to watch.  When you got home you couldn't talk fast enough to tell us all about it.  I am so thrilled you had an exciting date with daddy.  There will be many more to come.

School starts Monday.  I'm a bit nervous about you starting Kindergarten Bekeh.  But we've prayed about it alot and we know it's the best decision for you.  It's still scary.  I worry for you going so long without a nap, I worry about your teacher keeping up with your huge personality in a class of kids, I'm worried about you being behind, and being smaller than the other kids.  It's just normal ol momma worries.  I know you'll do great.  It's going to be a great time for Caleb and I too.  We're going to get to play together and really bond as mom and son while everyone else is in class.  I can't wait.  It's still over 100 degrees everyday here, so just because school is starting doesn't mean we won't still live in the pool the rest of the day.  You'll love that too.  It's you're favorite thing about living here!  :)

Seven months as a family of seven.  Wow.  The light at the end of this tunnel is blinding and beautiful!  We'll leave you this month with a sampling of what we get to listen to non-stop around the Root house.  NON-STOP.  Beautiful chaos!


  1. What a beautiful family. Congrats on being home 7 months now. My husband and I are just starting our adoption journey. I look forward to following along and watching our beautiful family grow. We are in middle Tennessee.

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Oh I LOVE that beautiful chaos!
    So happy for you and your family!

    Have a blessed week!

    Angela Ditchen

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  5. Good morning,
    I'm not able to leave a comment on your "Readoption in Texas" post, so I'll do it here. We adopted twins internationally, and I'd like to be able to use your auto populating readoption form, but our last name is too long for your form, and I need to tweak it. Is it possible to send me an editable pdf copy of the readoption form? You'd mentioned, on the readoption post, that a form suitable for two children would be coming soon. I know that as a mother to five, you're very, very busy, but I'm wondering if you ever had a chance to make that pdf.; it would be incredibly helpful to us. Congratulations on your littlest Texans and Thank You Thank You for sharing all that you've learned with other International Adoption Parents! sincerely, walternatives p.s. I believe that if you reply to my comment, it should go straight to my e-mail, then I can reply directly to you, so that you can have my e-address. Thanks again!