Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October - 9 Months Together!!

These two are amazing together.  Love these sisters.

Caleb and Rhett

Caleb kept saying, "We're same!"
A boy and his cars.
Now that's scary!
This boy loves his daddy!
October was tough.  Really tough.  It's our favorite month of the year in the Root house and we made fabulous memories with Caleb and Bekeh.  They loved Halloween, fall, pumpkins, and the cooler weather.  We struggled this month with bonding, attachment, fits, rages, and being a big family.  It was hard, but God was bigger, and looking back, there were a ton more fabulous moments amongst the struggles.  Bekeh and Caleb are delightful joys, their smiles are contagious and we love them to pieces. 

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