Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Years Together!!

It's been so long since we've updated the blog, I almost forgot my login information!  But today is the two year mark of the day they placed Bekeh and Caleb in our arms forever.  What a blessed day indeed.

I've spent the morning reading other beautiful post from families marking similar anniversaries and it's such an amazing time to build an altar to the Lord concerning the work He has done and to praise His name for the gifts He gave along the journey.

I could spend the entire post here telling you all the adorable ways Bekeh and Caleb have changed our lives for the better, the struggles we overcame that God used to break us and rebuild us better, the hilarious things that come out of Caleb's mouth on a moment by moment basis, the leaps and bounds by which Bekeh is learning in school, and so much more, but then I'd have to spend equal time doing that for the other three vanilla kids that live in this house, and the vanilla great-grandmother too, and you guys do not have hours to spend reading this blog about my six precious charges!  Because, somewhere along the way over the last two years, Bekeh and Caleb became part of the family.  No longer the center of all attention, no longer the "difference" that was infiltrating every fiber of our existence, just two more of us that made us The Crazy Roots.
What just leaves me flabbergasted, speechless (yea right), teary, giddy, joyful, and in awe this morning as I look back over the last two years, is what the Lord has done for us.  When I look at our marriage, I see such an overwhelming, beautiful transformation from where and who we were when we started this journey.  When I look at my three biological kids, I see such an incredible maturity and patience in them because of the lengths they've stretched their hearts and their comfort zones.  When I look at Bekeh and Caleb I see two babies who went from being alone and orphaned to being a contributing part of an amazing family that the Lord is using to change this world. 

I see how it could have not been this way.  But we chose His way over our way ever time there was a choice.  I see how we've laid our lives bare for the Lord to change, to mold, to discard, to use.  I see how we've continuously relied on Him for the wisdom to survive, for the resources to thrive, and for the direction to live.  I see the fruits of giving Him our finances completely, and I am so thankful for His multiplication.  I see the blessings of turning to Him for all of our parenting dilemmas and we are so grateful for His provision.

Our wants are different, our needs are greater, our desires are deeper, our grumblings are fewer, our hearts are tilled, our futures are open.

We are not in a season of Spiritual Highs.  As if like a sports team, a winning season can't predict what next season will look like, that championships are fleeting.  No this is not a season.  I can see now how the adoption was a season. It was a specific time that everything was on high alert.  Everything was in chaos, everything was in constant change.  Beautiful, but nonetheless, always active.  Checking in with fellow in process moms every minute of the day, constantly talking about bonding and transition and parasitic poop, and embassy issues and paperwork!  And then somewhere over the last few months the season came to an end.  But that season broke the scales from our hearts, our eyes, our ears.  We emerged from that season changed.  This is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that depends on the Lord for every source of wisdom, provision, direction, and joy.  A lifestyle that knows the lengths He goes to to provide for us, bless us, rescue us, deliver us, escort us, and BE WITH US.  It's beautiful, it's invigorating, it's thrilling, and it's anything but fleeting.

When we began this adoption journey 3 years ago, I anticipated the love of new children and the joy God had in store for us through them.  But I never dreamed or imagined the radical difference in the way we think, choose, and spend our life.   We never could have known to ask God for the beautiful friendships we are now honored with, we love our fellow adoptive families so truly!  We never could have understood how near to God we could draw, how hard He holds us daily, and how exhilarating giving up and letting Him move could feel.

Two years.  Might as well have been a lifetime or the blink of an eye.


  1. I can't believe it's been a year with these angels! I tear up every time I see the plan God had for you and these sweet ones being fulfilled! They are a perfect fit to the "crazy Root Family"!!! Love you all so much"

  2. Love this post! Very well said!

  3. Hi - I had to stop by and say hi. My husband was at the grocery store with two of our kids and met your parents (or parents in-law - I'm not sure :)
    anyway, I thought I would say hi - you have a beautiful family!

    1. Hey Jodi! Love all the ways we get to know and connect with people! Nice to "meet" you. Thank you!