Saturday, January 19, 2013

Three Years Together

We celebrated three years together as a family.  It is truly crazy to look over the last three years and try and put into words all that has happened, all the ways the Lord has used this adoption process to change who we are as a family, as parents, as siblings, as children of God, as people.  We would have never been able to imagine what this road has been like.  More difficult than we could have ever imagined at times, and more beautiful than we could have possibly dreamed at others. 

There are still days we struggle.  There are still days I feel like we get it all wrong.  That bonding is a joke and the looks I receive from behind their chocolate eyes could slice me to the core of who I am.  And other times when one look from them melts my mommy heart and I fall more in love with them and Jesus at the same time.  We adore Bekeh and Caleb's spirited personalities, we love having them in our family, and we are excited and expectant for what God is preparing for their lives.

They are precious beyond words and we are still thankful and in awe that God allows us to be their family.

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  1. Hi! I was researching online and came across your post here...

    We are trying to complete our readoption, and I was reviewing what you had written. However, none of the connecting links work. Do you have the forms you used available to share?

    Thanks! :) Emily