Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sibling Point of View

I learned a couple of years ago that I could trust Brooklyn to keep a good secret! So, when Jason and I decided to obey our Call to Adoption, we first brought Brooklyn into the circle of prayer and confirmation time! The Sunday we prayed with Arnita and cemented our decision to adopt, I was talking with Brooklyn in the bathroom before church. She was jabbering away in her usual adorable chatter, and said, "O.K., so mom, are we adopting or not adopting?" To which I replied, "I don't know, Brooklyn. We just have to know it's God's will. There are a lot of things that have to fall into place right, and if God's not going before us making them happen, it could get really ugly. So, I believe we are being called to this by Him, but right now daddy and I are just praying to KNOW that this is His will for our family, and we would really appreciate you praying too."

So we rushed off to church and afterward when we got home she says, "Guess what our lesson was about this morning?" "Praying the Will of God!"

After school the next day she came into my office and said, "O.K. I've been praying for two days and I don't know if I'm really hearing God or just hearing my own thoughts that I want to hear. So I've given up, and now I'm praying that you and daddy will just hear Him really clearly." So I asked her, well, what do you think you're hearing. And she said, "All I'm hearing is that yes we should, but since that's what I really want, I don't know if that's God too." We then had a lengthy conversation about deciphering the Holy Spirit speaking to you, and then when I told her daddy and I had applied, she just started jumping up and down and going silly crazy!

When we told Nathan he exclaimed, "We're getting an Ethiopian boy!" extremely loud, and Corban ran around whooping and slapping his rear end like an Indian Warrior. (not that I know whether or not they slapped their rear ends in their dancing)

Our First Family Prayer Time after Application Approval

Once we told the boys, I was thrilled to sit down and pray over the situation as a family. Here's a portion of what each prayed.

Lord, Thank you for our awesome family and how much fun we have. Please help it be the same when our new brother or brothers come. And please give us the ability to get the cars and a house and pay for all of the stuff for the adoption. - Brooklyn age 10

Thank you for the little dude coming next year and please keep him safe and healthy and be getting lots of hugs. Thank you for our family. - Nathan age 7

Thank you for dying on the cross and shedding your blood for our sins. Thank you for helping me pour out my heart to you. Lord, help all those who don't believe you, make them believe in you. Thank you for everyone you created, and thank you for all the stuff you created. Please protect my brother in Ethiopia from any accidents and help him get lots of love and all the food he needs to eat. Thanks for loving us God, I love you. - Corban age 5 (and yes, I cry a lot at bedtime prayers, because he prays like this a lot!)

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