Monday, November 23, 2009

Tonight they see our faces!!!

Tonight while we're sleeping, our sweet YG friends the Hutcheson's will be showng B and D our photos! I hope they see the love in our eyes, and feel our desire to come get them and bring them home into our family! I can't wait for Karen to send me photos, maybe even some video, and the tracings of their feet so I can get them some cute shoes!!!!!

Exactly one week from tonight, we go to court. We've been fasting and praying, and several friends have been fasting with us, in preparation for this night. It's bathed in prayer and I have no anxiety about it what so ever. God knows the outcome, and it's all in His perfect timing. I carry no burden for it! Pray with us that God's will be done, and we believe His will is for our children to be with us QUICKLY!!!

Lord prepare their eyes and their spirits for our photos tonight. No one can communicate with them but you Lord. You speak their language, you speak into their hearts and into their minds the truth. Give them a deep and trusting understanding of who we are the moment they see our pictures. Have them fall instantly in love with us, the same way you allowed us to fall in love with them the moment we first laid eyes on them. Praise you Father! Thank you for being with them, holding them, comforting them and encouraging them while they're so far away from us.
These three can't wait to show you their new brother and sister! If we pass court we'll show them to you Tuesday Dec 1st!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, December 1st surely is covered in Prayer. I want this next week to go quickly, the suspense is killing me :) But, you know, I've just asked God to prepare me either way, and to trust His awesome timing.