Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Update

We received an email from our agency with updated photos and information on our kiddos! We finally saw a picture of them together, and you could just tell they love each other, and that they have hearts full of joy. They were both smiling, and we just can't wait to go get em!

We also learned they do not speak Amharic, so that makes me a little more anxious to go get them. It's strange to explain, but I was more at peace believing they had care givers who were talking to them, explaining their transition, coaxing their grief, etc, but now that I know they don't understand what they're saying either, it makes me want to hasten this step of their transition. But, it's all God's perfect timing, and He is in control of taking care of them and protecting them and making them feel love, so what more could I ask for them. . .

Can't wait until December 1st, when we pass court, and I can post their sweet faces for all of you to fall in love with too!

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  1. Winnie doesn't speak amharic either. Maybe they are playing together and speaking together :) Will you e-mail me so I can get your personal e-mail?