Friday, October 16, 2009

OUCH - 14 Times and counting!!!!

Today was the day Brooklyn has been dreading for months since we agreed she should travel with us to Ethiopia - vaccines at the International Travel Clinic!
She fared quite nicely I'd say, thanks to her age and her Immunization Records, she only received two shots today, the Flu Vaccine, and her Typhoid Fever vax! Jason had 5 shots, and I had to have 6! Ouwie!
So, you're counting 2+5+6 and thinking I can't add because that's only 13, not 14. . . .
The real ouch was when she tallied our bill to $725.00!!!!!!!

Since we were already at $725, we decided to save spending an additional $180 and get Brooklyn's Meningitis and Hep A vaccines at her pediatrician , and we all have to go back for the Yellow Fever vaccine next month which will be another $450 dollars. PLUS! We are researching whether or not the boys need to have the Typhoid vaccine. Jason and I also have to go back for 2 more Hep B shots next month with the Yellow Fever, the boys have to have their Hep A and Flu shots, and then we all have to have the Hep A and B boosters again in 6 months. Geeze!!!

All worth it though! I feel like I've done a hundred push ups. . . think I'll go take some Advil.

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