Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have a COURT DATE!!!!!!

So God speaks to me, and since He knows I hear Him, He's very specific, and He's very intentional with me. I could list countless stories of God asking me to do AB or C, and the moment I did how the blessings poured in. So, back in September God asked me to fast from Sugar until we received our referral. And I did, expecting it to be 9 months or more, and our referral came at 9 days. And then our referral was pulled the next morning, but I obstinately refused to go back on the fast. For days I persisted in my resistance, constantly justifying to God why it wasn't fair. . . and finally, in a prayerful fit of tears, I repented of my bad heartitude and agreed to be obedient. This time, He called me to fast from flour and sugar, not until our referral, but until we traveled, with my main prayer focus to be on our court date. Our court date? But we didn't even have a referral yet, I argued! But, I agreed and committed to Him I would fast and pray.
While I was still laying there, the phone rang, and it was our second referral call, for our siblings! I was on fire for the Lord, fasting without reservation, praying diligently for the Lord to bless our court date. Court opened, dates were being assigned, I was being obedient, things were clicking along. But then, for some reason, I don't even remember why, I justified breaking the fast. God had told me at the beginning I could break the fast for our family birthdays, for Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but it wasn't any of these, and I was just being rebellious. And I continued through this rebellion for a couple of weeks. And court date assignments STOPPED. Not a single one.
My birthday came and went, as did the kids, and I began to have a change of heart with God and my fasting disobedience. I repented, agreed to return to it, and struggled for two days to be obedient. I'm the best justifier in the world, and it gets me no where but outside of God's will for my life.
Yesterday, I woke up and had a new resolve with Him. Jason and I committed the entire family to a different particular fast until we passed court and with that, I was able to withstand temptation and fulfill my fast yesterday. I fell asleep in peace last night knowing I had chosen wisely all day.
God has never been unresponsive to me, He always rewards my efforts to press into Him more, and yet, I'm still shocked every time He does. I hoped for some movement in the Ethiopian courts today, there are 11 families ahead of us in line for court dates, and I just simply wanted to see their names pop up on the Yahoo Group and rejoice with them over their court dates, I was poised to type a gazillion exclamation points, and then it happened! An email from our agency, could it be, it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OUR COURT DATE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who am I that God rests His favor so abundantly on my family? Who are we that He is so lavishly pouring Himself out on us??? May we turn it back as Glory to His Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pray, Pray, Pray for our children's first earthly father to appear in court, for all documents to be in place, so that we may be one of the 50% of families who pass court on the first go round.
PRAY DECEMBER 1st!!!!!!!!!!!! That means, the night of November 30th until the morning of December 1st, because of the time difference. PRAY WITH US TO BRING THEM TO THEIR NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and one more note, our first care package will be traveling to Ethiopia on 11-18-2009, and will arrive to them on Thanksgiving Day! Which means that over our Thanksgiving celebrations, our children will be seeing the faces of their new family for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??????


  1. Oh boy, I'm gonna start lifting our little court date up to Him, and I think I'll be fasting all day 11/30 :) So happy for the Crazy's today!! Congrats!!

  2. Congratulations! Great News! We will be praying with you.