Friday, October 23, 2009

Court Dates and Speculating

So, I usually hate to speculate, because God is so full of surprises that I'm usually proven wrong, but I can't help but try and figure out some things with our adoption timeline. . . So, we'll start with the for sure news . . . the family who is scheduled to take our first care package to B&D passed court today, yeah!, so our care package will be on its way soon! We can't wait to know they've seen our faces too!
Another family unfortunately did not pass and announced they were rescheduled for court on November 24th. Although, court dates are not necessarily scheduled in order of referral, they generally are, and we are number 12 on the list of yahoo group families waiting for a first court date. I don't anticiapte getting a court date until mid December at this point, if that early, so we are going to take a deep breath and conclude that we will not travel before Christmas. We're a little surprised that there are no families in our group scheduled for court between the 12th and 24th, and only 4 families for the entire month of November at all. We're hoping this is not a trend that continues, we're anxious to get them home and shorten the amount of in-transition time between their two families.
And, that's all we know, or guess, for now. We have 12 screaming 8 year olds in the other room here for Nathan's birthday. Guess I better down this Excedrin Migraine pill and go back into the trenches and relieve Jason for a bit.


  1. Gina - thanks so much for your kind comment and encouragement on our blog. I read often on the AWAA YG group, so I feel that I know you a bit already ;o) This is the first time I have been to your blog - it is ADORABLE!! I love it!! And I especially love your "ultrasound" picture - did you do that yourself? It's great!

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