Monday, December 28, 2009

God is perfect and all His ways are Perfect!

I've been so busy the last couple of days, but still in the back of my mind just a bit upset that we weren't on the other side of the world right now preparing to pick up Bekeh and Dereje. But, God in His amazing wonderful ways sent me an email through a travel buddy this morning that clarified so much. I understand a portion of His timing, I understand that it's not always all about me, shock!, and I understand that our Heavenly Daddy loves us so much He doesn't leave anything open. He completes and provides closure and healing to every part of our life when we let Him. Thank You Lord for your perfection. Thank you for YOUR WILL and your timing winning out over my short sided desires. I can't wait for all the blessings you have planned for this trip, and I can't wait to hold Bekelech and Dereje and love on them, and pray over them, and put lotion on their sweet hands, and moisturizer in their hair!!! AAHHHWWWW!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

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