Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Did Not Pass

The guy who was signing off on our MOWA letter went out of town and took his keys to the files with him so no one else could access them. Hopefully the judge can squeeze us in on the 8th and we'll pass then.

BUT ON OTHER NEWS!!!!! AWAA CHINA called my brother and sister in law with their TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are rejoicing that the Lord answered our prayers and brought them this news today!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited to bring Rhett home finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We serve an awesome God who is in control of everything. Our adoption timing is perfect according to the Lord's will and this delay neither surprised Him or changed the timeline we've been on all along. We are heartbroken that it delays our travel though. We were hopeful Brooklyn wouldn't have to miss as much school if we could have traveled in the Jan 2 group, but again, God's timing, not ours, thankfully.


  1. Praying for you and your fmaily for Dec 8th!! What a crazy goose of a man to go without leaving his keys on such an important day!!

  2. Sorry you didn't pass. I will be praying for you on December 8th. Our court date was November 30 and we still haven't found out if we passed.

  3. My heart wanted a "yes" last night followed by pictures today. Sorry for you and your kids that it didn't happen.
    You were so right in your posting that God's ways and timing are perfect.
    Rejoicing that Rhett will be coming home soon.
    Hugs and prayers,

  4. We had our 2nd try at court last night and did not pass. Our agency has not heard why yet. After reading your blog I will have to ask about the vacation policy at MOWA! We are rescheduled for 12/14. I hope things go well for you on the 8th.