Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

God has purchased our freedom with his Son's blood and has forgiven all our sins. Colossians 1:14 NLT

We love celebrating July 4th!  One of Jason's favorite activities is watching fireworks, and so each year we celebrate at Kaboomtown in Addison.  We were anxious this year to introduce one of our favorite family outings to Bekeh and Caleb.  They absolutely loved it! 
As you can see, itt was rainy and soggy, but worth it!  The show was amazing, as always.  It lasted a little over 25 minutes and was beautifully coreographed with the music.  Bekeh especially loved the purple ones!

We were excited that Mimi was able to join us for the festivities, it had been many years since she'd grabbed a seat on the grass and enjoyed the show with us.

We were also excited to have all of Nana's family join us! Jason's grandmother, young at 92, was driven down from Wisconsin by Uncle Tom and his wife Charlotte, and Aunt Janice and her son Tripp flew in from Hawaii. 

The kids had a blast with Uncle Tom.  He's really a big kid at heart, and one of his passions in life is toys that light up.  The street vendors were thrilled to have him attend last night, and so were our children!  They loved the swords and light sabers and all other gadgets that Tom purchased and let them pass around all night!  Thanks goodness for his collection of duct tape as well.  Bekeh and Caleb still aren't good at being careful, and there were many emergency repairs in the field.

With the Hurricane in the gulf we've been experiencing very soggy weather around here, and we were anxious that the fireworks would be rained out.  Janice and Tripp had requested the trip take place this time of year specifically to see them!  We prayed like crazy and although it was black and downpoured through dinner at 6:30pm, by 9:45pm when they began, it was perfectly clear!  Thank you Jesus!

It's really a free for all who joins us every year.  Some years it's just family, other years just friends, most years a little of both!  We always park it in the same spot and everyone and anyone who wants to join us is always welcome!  It's a standing invitation, so perhaps next year it will be you!

May God Bless America and May God Bless You!

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