Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Fun!

The kids have absolutely no fear of the water so we're really enjoying spending most days in the pool.  We shot video yesterday when they decided it was a good day to figure out how to kick and move their arms and actually swim.  Sorry we forgot to turn the iPhone horizontal to get a better pic!  Next time!

Bekeh tried first. . . .

And whatever Bekeh does, Caleb has to do. . . .


  1. too cute!!! We are going swimming again and I will show Win for some inspiration to take off the water wings. :) go team crazy, go!!!!

  2. Yay!!!! We've been working with Adiah too! She doesn't really seem to have enough strength to do it by herself just yet...but we're getting there!

  3. what a sweet update - the smiles on everyone's faces are just amazing to see! all your kiddos are too darn cute! :)