Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Golden Arches

Perhaps I have gone a little crazy, because it seemed like a great idea to get out of the house for a bit today and go to McDonald's for your first time. Thank goodness they had Buffalo dipping sauce, you're still not a fan of ketchup. But Caleb, unlike your sister, you prefer the sweeter over the hot, and preferred dipping everything in the caramel sauce.
The Chicken Nuggets, and the cheeseburger were both hits, and we had our first McD's meltdown when you couldn't have your toy before you were finished with your lunch. Don't worry, Mommy's seen it before, I knew what to do, we survived. The room was filled with other busy two and three year olds, and you guys were captivated by how much they ran and played. You were both anxious to be "all done" so you could get down and see what was so fun about that plastic playground. Caleb, your poor little legs are so short you couldn't make the climb all the way up, but you were cool with hanging out and banging on the glass. You would giggle as the kids came screaming by you on their many rounds of going up and down the slide. Bekeh, it took you awhile, but you finally watched the other girls long enough to maneuver your way to the third story entrance to the slide. You got yourself sat down at the start, and immediately the extreme whining began. Mommy did her best to assure you from my spot way down below that it was fun, but you weren't believing me. I'd like to say you finally trusted me, but I think it was the sassy girl behind you that said, "Go already!" and perhaps gave you a little (or big) nudge, that finally got you started. I ran to meet you at the bottom and the smile on your face and the beaming pride were priceless! "You did it!" I screamed and you jumped up and down so thrilled and excited and ran to give me the biggest hug! After 30 minutes of watching you scale the heights and whirl down the slide I was ready to go, and like all toddlers at the end of their MickeyD's adventures, you weren't ready to go. But once again, mom's handled this before and we made it out the door with all our shoes, coats, purse, and camera. Mom hasn't lost her touch. I can still carry two melting down, screaming, toddlers out the door and to the car without melting down myself, and get a picture of it to blog about too!

Welcome to American Toddlerhood babies! I'd say you're getting it down just fine!


  1. look at the slide smile!!! love it!! So glad you didn't have to climb in to save her from the top of the slide.... like I did once for a certain two year old..... while I was 9 months preggos... no kidding.

  2. Hilarious, only cause I don't have the experience and am learning this day by day!! What's your secret? I'm all ears.

  3. That's great Gina! I loved this post! Way to go!