Thursday, February 11, 2010


Bekeh and Caleb loved the frozen wo'á! It took a little convincing but I finally was able to assure them it was wo'á (pronounced oohwah, Kambaata for water) and they took a big taste!Bekeh loved chasing the dog around the back yard and throwing the snow up in the air, whereas Caleb preferred to stand in one spot and observe, touch, and catch the falling snow in his hands. I left them gloveless so they could experience all the new sensations, so it was a fairly short visit outside.Bekeh took her first face plant, and cried for a few seconds until mommy laughed so hard it made her realize she wasn't really upset, and decided to frolick along after Ella some more.
We can't wait for Brooklyn, Nathan, and Corban to get home so they can play with us! How's it going you ask since all of my posts lately have been about my sweet friend Jenny, who is being taken off the ventilator this morning, so please pray.
It's going, OK. And that's the best you're going to get out of me if you want honesty!! Things are most difficult for me with Caleb, although Jason would say Caleb's easiest and Bekelech is the difficult one. So it's all good and fair! :)
For me, the one who is home by myself all day with them, Caleb is having the hardest time. He chooses often to completely dislike me. He isn't at all aggressive with his disdain, he simply screams and whines whenever I'm around or holding him.


Nonetheless, we have plenty of giggly and smiley moments, so no one worry about us, it's just extremely challenging and I'm having to work really hard at unconditional love. It's difficult to love some little person who acts like you're the last person alive they want to be around! But, I assure you it's all temporary and we're getting through it with all the prayer and resources we need. But you can pray for us.
Bekeh is truly blossoming for me. She sings like a lark in her Kambaata, and is now picking up and singing songs I make them endure all day long to their delight!


On Tuesday we finally got her to begin answering questions. It was a huge accomplishment. The conversations usually went (with a ton of pointing and motioning accompaniment,)
Mommy: "What is your name?"
Bekeh: "What is your name?"
Mommy: "No, say Bekeh"
Bekeh: "No, say Bekeh"
Mommy: "My name is mommy"
Bekeh: "My name is mommy"
Mommy: "Your name is Bekeh"
Bekeh: "djsaklf djsakl Bekeh"
Mommy: "What is her name? (Pointing at Brooklyn)
Bekeh: "Wha jda ds name?"
Mommy: "What is my name?"
Bekeh: "Mommy"
Mommy: "What is your name?"
Bekeh: "Bekeh"
and on around the house she named them all!!!!

And YESTERDAY!!! Whoo hooo!!! Brooklyn and I worked very hard on this all day, practicing by showing her over and over going back and forth and finally!
Mommy: "I love you Bekeh"
Bekeh: "I love you Bekeh"
Mommy: "I love you Bekeh"
Bekeh: "I love you B. . . (pause) . . . Mommy!"
Connection MADE!!! She still gets Corban and Nathan mixed up, but who doesn't, she probably learned that from listening to me too!! :) So she'll answer questions rather than repeating them, and she's beginning to ask for things she needs, and tells me when she's done going potty rather than waiting for me to ask over and over.
PROGRESS! Nathan is the most excited to come home and play with them every day after school. He says over and over and over, "I'm so glad we got them, they're the best." "I'm so glad we got THESE kids, they are so cool." "Bekeh and Caleb are the best, I'm so glad we got to bring THEM home." He seems to believe every other kid available in Ethiopia would be dull and boring! No offense, they're all precious, but he's takin a likin to these two in particular.

They are happy kids and we do have a lot of great moments in the day, mommy is still having a difficult time letting go of my old freedoms, but we're all making adjustments and loving our new crazy life!


  1. Thanks for the great update, Gina! Miss you!

  2. Thank you for keeping it real! I think sometimes we forget all the difficulties which arise and think that everything will be just roses! It is a good reminder to me as I pray and seek the Lord about adopting again and this time from Africa. I know that there will be trials but like you, also know that there are many blessings. However, it is so good to point out both like you do!

  3. Love the update! So Sweet! I don't know if this will make you feel better, but Jude is doing the same thing as Caleb. Some moments he thinks I'm great, but he (atleast lately) would much rather hang out with Daddy. My snuggle bug tells me at night that he'd rather snuggle with Daddy, Daddy has to change him/get him dressed if he's home. Maybe it's a 2 year old thing.

  4. Love the honesty! It is hard giving unconditional love when they act like they couldn't care less about you (believe me, I know that one well) But it makes the moments that they want you so much sweeter. And with him, of course that bond will grow stronger than you can even imagine! And I can't wait to read, soon, how annoyed you are because Caleb wants to be at your feet ALL day and won't leave you alone! LOL : ) Love you

  5. I'm so glad you took the time to post pictures and let us know how the snow went! All day long we heard about the snow in Dallas, and every time we did, I thought about y'all and how amazing it must be for them to play in the snow when they probably had never even heard of it. :) Glad y'all are doing well and praying that Caleb becomes less of a challenge and settles in. Love to y'all! -- K

  6. They are SOOOO precious and your "conversation lesson" made me laugh!! I've had plenty of those same exact conversations in my years as a speech therapist! :) You are doing a great job sticking with it and rejoicing in the progresss!! God has certainly blessed you all by bringing you together and I am SO happy for you!!!

  7. How precious! Loved the update, and loved the ON WISCONSIN!!! You probably felt like that is where you were! If you ever want to share screaming stories, give us a holler! Take care!