Friday, February 19, 2010

One Month Together

One Month Today, wow, it's been an entire month since you have been completely and totally in our care. It doesn't seem like forever as some would say, and I'm sure it will soon, but for now, it seems like one month!
You two have come so far in that one month, and so have we. While you're down for a nap and I'm praying you remain there for a good bit today, I'll take a moment to retrace your progress!
Bekeh, you now speak non-stop. 80% in Kambaata and 20% in english-like words. You voluntarily speak the following:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Brooklyn (Broot-a-lyn)
  • Nathan (Nay-dan)
  • Corban (Tour-bin)
  • Caleb (Day-yeb)
  • I love you, mommy or daddy or whoever you're speaking to.
  • Mimi
  • Hello, daddy, or mommy . . .
  • Bye Bye daddy or . . .
  • Shoes (Your first word to know)
  • Socks
  • Eat
  • Nite-Nite
  • Bekeh's turn
  • Caleb's turn
  • Kitchen
  • Shirt
  • Pony
  • All Done
  • Ella & Dog (who thank goodness is finally your friend)

You also pretty much understand most everything I need you to throughout the day. Yesterday from mommy's bedroom I asked you to go get Caleb's socks, and a few minutes later you came back with them, and clean ones from his drawer no less.

You both have slept through the night from the first night we had you, and you go down so easily for naps. You both love bath time, and even showers with mom when we're in a hurry. You especially love playing outside with your brothers, and scream with joy whenever your daddy walks in the door from work. You guys are both so happy and adjusted, and we're falling more in love with you everyday.
Caleb, you still mimic every word we say, but your skills at connecting them into useful language are still developing. You can clearly voluntarily communicate the word No, more, and EAT. That's your favorite word of all, Eat! Eat! Eat! and you place your fingers up to your mouth and do the sign language with it. It's pitifully adorable. You also say mommy, daddy and Ella, but you don't yell out your siblings names or other people quite yet. You'll say anything when prompted, but we're still working on getting you to talk of your own volition. You are a two year old toot and are an exceptional actor. Anytime Bekeh is crying from hurting herself, you immediately put your hand to the same spot on your body with full out crying and tears, although I was watching you the entire time and you never hurt yourself. I'll give you a look and say "Oh stop that," and you'll instantly stop and giggle at me. Anyone who wasn't watching you would swear you were in need of emergency medical attention!
Your behavior has improved the most these past weeks. You whine 90% less, are so affectionate, and are a true delight. You and I are finally friends, and you crave my hugs and kisses all day long. It's so much easier to be your mommy when you're not screaming every time I come near!
You go tee tee in the potty every time we put you on it, but you're not ready for training yet. You have a little surgery and some work on your communication skills before we start down that road. Speaking of your surgery, we are also going to have some plastic surgery work done on your lip. Because it is exposed to the air all the time, it gets chapped and sloughs off regularly. Your upper lip is often bleeding, and I can only imagine how painful that is, although you hardly let on. Last night as I was applying lip balm to it I said, "I can't wait until after his plastic surgery so this will be better," and Nathan says, "He's having Plastic Surgery? Is he going to be white afterwards like Michael Jackson?" He was so serious and daddy and I just busted out laughing so hard. It was precious. No, you're not going to be white, you'll always be your beautiful chocolate self!
More than anyone, you mimic your sister. Every move she makes, you make too. Every kiss she gets, you have to have too. You two love each other and play together so well. Bekeh, you love to find any of Brooklyn's bags and purses and fill it with your treasures throughout the day. You also, in keeping with your heritage, love to wear scarves. Caleb, not to be left out, you grab whatever you can find, normally it's a dirty tshirt and a plastic grocery bag, but today you found a bag of your own and a pillowcase to fit the bill.
You guys are so adorable and we've had a fun filled, exhausting, emotional, and amazing journey this last month. To many more to come, thank you Lord.


  1. I just want to say thank you so much for all of your posts! I discovered your blog while you were in Europe on your way to Ethiopia. We are awaiting the referral of a little girl (2-5) and I have been enjoying learning from your journey. Thanks for sharing. I was also very inspired by your daughter. We have an almost 13 year old and I am debating whether or not to bring her to Ethiopia. Just wanted to say "hello" and "thank you!" ***Your friend continues to be in my prayers!

  2. Great post! They're adorable and I love reading about how they're progressing! Laughed out loud at the MJ comment...great one!

  3. I cant wait to get to play with them someday soon! And by the way.....I do not heart that pepper sauce people call tabasco dad does.... bleh