Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5, 5, Glorious 5!

Bekeh has been waiting for her birthday for two weeks now. Somehow, on Caleb's birthday back on the 22nd of April, she understood the concept and has been literally counting down the days. First it was, "Two weeks, Bekeh's birthday!" and then "Next week is my birthday!" And Monday it was, "Two days, my birthday!" and yesterday, "Wedsay my Birthday!"
Last night I asked her how old she was and she said, "Four!" and then I asked, "How old will you be tomorrow?" and she held up all five fingers and screamed, "FFFIIIIVVVEEE!!"
So in honor of her 5th birthday today, 05-05-05, here are 5 of our favorite things about Bekeh.
1. She loves Butterflies. When I pulled out the butterfly wings from our dress up box this morning, her eyes were bigger than saucers and she began jumping up and down! Her favorite new song to request is Miley Cyrus, Butterfly Fly Away. She will do all the motions for a caterpillar, and then makes a chrysalis with her hands and then when Miley sings Butterfly fly away, she flaps her hands like a butterfly. It's adorable.
2. She's a smiley, giggly, happy, joyful girl! Sunshine follows her around. She brightens the room she enters, and her love is contagious. 3. She loves school. 11:00 is one of mommy's favorite minutes of the day. Bekeh runs out the door from school with a look of pure excitement and joy to see me, runs to my arms, and can't get all the thoughts to form into words fast enough to tell me about her day and share her creations with me. She knew she was special today sitting in the teacher's chair and having her friends sing to her. She was proud to have mommy and Caleb there to watch her dance and sing with her classmates. I was proud too. 4. Her favorite color is Yellow. She'll choose it every time. Again, she's pure sunshine. When she was first learning her colors, everything was yellow. Now that she knows them, she'll answer me correctly, i.e. "That's red. And this is yellow." and she'll point out whatever she can find that's yellow.5. She's an absolute trickster. She loves hiding things and giggling like crazy when you notice they're gone. She points and says, "Spider!" and then laughs when you look. Today at lunch Daddy asked for a kiss and she refused him and pulled away over and over, one of her favorite games, until finally when he said he didn't want one, she says, "Kiss! Kiss Daddy!" But today, instead of just kissing him, right at the last second, she stuck the apple out of her mouth and poked him with it!At McDonald's which she picked for her Birthday lunch, she was a bit quiet when I served her nuggets to her, which are normally her favorite, so I asked her what was wrong. With a very sad tone she said, "I want cheeseburger like daddy." So Jason popped up and went and ordered her a cheeseburger. She looked at me bewildered, knowing that's never worked before, and I said, "It's your birthday, you get to choose everything you want!" She took that cheeseburger from daddy's hands like it was absolute gold. Every bite she would shake her head with excitement and say, "My birthday cheeseburger!" She's already announced we're eating Pizza for dinner. Her other favorite new food, and the other four are thrilled with her decision! We make birthday's super fun around here, and she's certainly caught on. She knows she's the princess today, and I hope she feels like that everyday, for the rest of her life.
Run toward Six Bekeh, with all your heart. This is going to be a year full of new discoveries and new love. Enjoy it as much as we enjoy you sweet cheeks. Happy Birthday, we love you!


  1. <3 the celebration of Bekeh!!!!!! Happy birthday sweety!!


  3. Happy, happy birthday Bekeh! SO, SO look forward to meeting that little trickster ray of sunshine in a few weeks!