Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's Party!

On Saturday we had a wonderful birthday party out at my brother's place to celebrate Caleb, Bekeh, and Rhett's birthdays. They each came home to our families in January of this year after being adopted through America World, so this was their first American Birthday, and we went all out!It was a cool family affair, and the kids were happily overwhelmed with the attention, and especially the gifts.
Caleb's favorite gift was from Nana, a green ride on Dog. It was the first gift opened, and he sat upon it to open all the others! He and Papa must have ridden up and down the steep driveway a hundred times!Bekeh loved her kitchen from Nana, earrings from Grammy and Papa, and is having a blast with all the sidewalk chalk and puzzles she received. Thank you!
Every American child enjoys the thrill of devouring their very own birthday cake on their first birthday, and these three were no different. Although the majority of their smash cakes were destroyed in a mature manner with a fork, Bekeh and Caleb were forced by their brother and sister to partake with their full face as well!Their first real sugar highs!!!
The kids had a blast playing with their cousins. They played on the bounce house, the zip line, took rides on the atv cart, blew bubbles, rode bikes and scooters. . . by the time we left, everyone had black feet and required baths at 11:30 at night!

Happy Birthday beautiful babies! We were so thrilled to celebrate with you and watch you blossom with all the personalized attention! We love you Rhett! Love Ya Bekeh! Love and Kisses Caleb!

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  1. Gina, I want to be in your family!!!!!!! =) What a wonderful birthday party!!!!! I adore your photographs, they are stunning!!!!!!