Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bear's Coming Home!

We are so blessed to have a tight knit group of Ethiopian/Texan families that we share this journey with. Bekeh especially loves Ms. Linda, and thoroughly enjoys our car rides to lunch. She's been waiting for "her baby from Ethiopia" to come and play with her and we're thrilled to pieces he's on his way home this week!!!! He's gotten so big since we held him and kissed all over him for Ben and Linda in January. Can't wait to kiss all over him some more this weekend! He's coming Bekeh and you can play with him again finally! We love you Bereket!!


  1. How exciting..I have been following their blog for a while. So lovely to see them finally as a family

  2. I remember that sweet boy! It was so fun to take his pictures! Tell them Congratulations for me!

  3. Awww, thanks Gina!! I can't wait for Bekah and Caleb to be able to play with little Bear!!! SO many fun times ahead for our families!!!