Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bonjour from Paris!

We are having a fabulous time in Paris! We've climbed ALL THE STAIRS to the top of the Tour Eifel, and all the stairs to the top of Sacre Coeur! We've purchased original art at Montmartre and stood in awe at Notre Dame. We've eaten fabulous crepes, and had amazing wine! We've laughed, we've walked, we've felt blessed to be in one of God's most beautiful cities, and we've loved every minute of doing it together! Brooklyn is being such a perfect traveler!
We did have to cover her eyes while we walked through the Red Light District and visited Moulin Rouge. Of all things and words to put in English! :)

We enjoyed meeting up with two of our AWAA ET Travel Buddies this afternoon for lunch. They toured Notre Dame with us and we talked about our kids in ET and all the crazy feelings we're having!! It was wonderful.

We were able to talk to the boys by Skype tonight, Corban was home all day throwing up, so it was good to see him and tell him I love him. And my wonderful Nathan was such a funny ham, he made it easy to go to bed knowing they're doing good.
It's suppose to snow and be crazy winter weather where we're going tomorrow, which is a surprise for Brooklyn! Pray with us that it doesn't interfere with our tours!
We love you all!
Bekeh and Caleb, we're getting closer to you!!! One more plane ride and we're there!!
Goodnight! Merci!


  1. how glorious! The picture of Brooklyn is just perfect. I see it blown up huge in her and room! Have an amazing day tomorrow!

  2. It's Wed. morning here - guess that means the surprise is going on now. YAY! Can't wait for you to post pics from you-know-where!! Brooklyn is adorable, and her parents are too. We're doing well here. Love ya!!!!

  3. Hooray for your stop in Paris! Sounds like it was very oh, la, la!

    Enjoy the rest of your travels!!
    Missy, AWAA YG