Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday in Addis

We slept in today, the restless overnight flight and the altitude were enough to exhaust us Friday. Jason came down for breakfast and the ladies let him know that Brooklyn was invited to a Birthday party in the lobby at 2pm. Time is relevant here, so at about 2:45 the girls started arriving, and Brooklyn joined in. Within minutes they were all laughing and giggling together. Girls are girls, no matter what culutre. They danced to Taylor Swift songs, and chased each other around the courtyard. The girls all attend a British School here in Addis so they spoke beautiful english. After the cake and ice cream the girls really began to warm up to Jason, as they always do. Within a few minutes they were all laughing and begging him to do silly dances, which of course he obliged! They tried teaching him traditional ethiopian moves, and only afterward told him he was doing the women's dances! They were all enthralled with Brooklyn, and trying to keep her attention. One little girl told the others her "best friends were all lame and Brooklyn was her new BFF." Some things are universal! All the girls were so sweet and funny. They were all cracking wise jokes and making hilarious statements to get us to laugh. They left, after each one gave us all hugs and kisses, and it was time for us to sit down for dinner.

We had spaghetti and tomato sauce here at the Yesabi Guest House, delicious but spicey spicey spicey! It was a wonderful relaxing day. We're looking forward to going up to our room and hopefully skyping with the boys before sleeping in our very comfortable beds.

We'll leave here at 6:30 am for Hossana, which is approximately 9:30 pm in Texas. Pray for us before you go to bed, and if the Holy Spirit wakes you up in the night, pray for us some more. Tomorrow is one of the most important tasks we have to complete and I want to have the Holy Spirit guiding us in our questions, and softening their hearts to answer us without reservation.

We love y'all!


  1. Brooklyn is becoming a young woman before our eyes. Her little heart is reaching out to others in such a beautiful loving heartfelt way. It's absolutely wonderful that she is experiencing and growing through this journey with you.

  2. Praying for you guys as you start your long road trip today.

  3. Loving all of this! SO good to see the pictures and all yall are experiencing! Soak it all in and enjoy!


  4. Can't wait to read all that you learned about your babies by meeting their birth family. Praying for a safe drive home. Get some good sleep tonight! Exciting days are a'comin!