Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're Gettin Ready!!!

One week! One week is all we have left to get ready! One week to get everything done!

It's been a challenging week, my brother Brian returned to the States expectantly from his trip in China for his second adoption. We've spent time at the hospital with him, he's had two surgeries for an infection in his hip. We've spent so much time praying and worrying about Amy being in China alone, that I've not been able to get my head around leaving the country. But, her sister arrived in China today to help her with Rhett, Brian seems to be doing better after his surgery this morning, Amy sounded so much more at peace on the phone this evening, so I'VE GOT TO GET BACK TO PREPARING FOR BEKEH AND CALEB!
Today we finished getting the beds put together. We've got a triple bed in the boys room, and a bunk bed in the girls room now. It seems surreal. They opted for Camo Swankie Blankie's in the boys room, and Zebra Swankie Blankie's for the girls over any other bedding we looked at. My kids demand luxury let me tell you! They've all got new mattresses and Tempurpedic pillows for Christmas, so I think we're set.
Brooklyn and I also finished going through the boxes of donated clothes, and the bags of clothes I've purchased the last few months and hanging things up in their closets and putting tiny shoes and underwear away. I've spoken to the lady the hair salon and purchased the products I believe I need for their hair, we've packed up their toys for our journey, along with the diapers I almost had a heart attack purchasing. Me! Buying diapers again! Who'd of thunk it.
So they have warm beds to snuggle into at night, clean clothes that match and fit to wear, and a God who's preparing their transition into our family to be beautiful and wonderful. We're almost set, now if I can just finish packing all of our clothes and things for the trip!
One week! I have a whole week, piece of cake!


  1. I remember when we had 1 week! So much to do and sooo excited to go!! I loved the thought of one last Monday and one last Tuesday and well, you get the picture....!!! So exciting!! Wish you well on your trip to bring home your kiddo's!! Have an amazing week of "lasts"

  2. Praying for your brother. Hope you can enjoy this time of packing and preparing for your trip. Your kids are beautiful!

  3. cute, cute bedding! We are still trying to figure out the logistics of where Miss Olivia will fit, room-wise. Looks like you have everything under control - how bout you come on over in a oh, a month or so and arrange the Wages house?? That should give you enough time to get settled in, right?

  4. I am so excited I can hardly stand it ... can't wait to meet them and love on them and see God's glory even more in your family. Yeah us to be walking this journey with ya'll! :) Love you!

  5. What are swanky blankies?? Those rooms are super cute!!!