Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're Home!

We survived the long trek home and were greeted by a large host of our friends and family. It was wonderful to be back among loved ones. The best was seeing my boys again though! I missed them so much. And finally being together as a family of SEVEN! Priceless! The tears were holding back until I saw my sister in law Amy. It's been a long journey together on this adoption road throughout the year. It was like seeing the one person in the world who actually knows what you're feeling at that exact moment, and knowing how they are feeling too. Thank You God for putting us on this path together. I couldn't have made it without her, atleast I'm glad I didn't have to. Thank you Dear friends and family for welcoming us home! It wouldn't have been the same without each and everyone of you who were there!!!!
  • Mom and Bill (Mimi and Hobby)
  • Dad, Linda, Kelly and your friend (Grammy and Papa)
  • Ruth and David (Nana)
  • Brian, Amy, Emily, Natalie, Ridgedon, Adiah and Rhett
  • Emily Melson and Julie Newman
  • Debra, Brian, Madison, Peyton, and Brianne Morel
  • Kristi, Ricky, Josie, Lauren, and Merrit Lee
  • Sarah and Christian Schultz
  • Jennifer and Jordan Tarbett
  • Susie and Madeline Grant
  • Cindi, Matt, Madison, Abby and Max Koceich
We barely made it home without falling asleep and enjoyed takeout Mexican Food and homeade chocolate chip cookies, (thanks mom!) Apparently Jason and I fell asleep around 8:30pm, and when we woke up several hours later Brooklyn had changed everyone into pj's, and sung them to sleep, never trying to wake us or get our help. How did I get the best daughter on the planet? It's Sunday now, and we've had a great morning listening to the kids all play together. Until the newness wears off, the boys are enchanted with their new siblings and I'm hardly having to do anything!
Love yall, don't stop the prayers!


  1. Welcome Home!!! Praise God for such precious blessings- a daughter who lovingly serves her family. Wow! Tears! and we Texans LOVE our Mexican food!!!

  2. yeah yeah yeah!! so glad you guys are home!! so so so happy for you all! lots of love from kentucky, my friend!!

  3. We cannot wait to hear all about your trip AND see pictures!!!

    Welcome home!!

  4. Way to go Brooklyn! A&W (above) said it best! :) So happy or you guys, and can't wait to see the pics. Congrats, Roots!

  5. Been following your journey and saw some of the pix on Emily's FB. So glad that you're home safe with your newest family members. What happy faces and what a happy outcome. Congratulations!

  6. So glad you're safely home. Your boys were a delight to keep. And you can thank Toll House for the chocolate chip cookies...I just thought to get them, and Madison and Peyton actually were in charge of the baking. ; ) Your family is precious precious, love you all. It will be so exciting watching Bekeh and Dereje's personalities start really emerging, with the spontaneity, hugs, and some English words. What a joy they already are, it will just get better and better. Love you all so much. Mom.