Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is Gina's friend, Emily. I just wanted to log in to let you know that Gina is having trouble getting blog posts up or email out which is why she hasn't updated the blog.

If you aren't on Facebook her latest update just about an hour ago was:

"We have them! They are sleeping upstairs with Jason and Brooklyn and the evening could not have been more perfect! They are happy and so far - adjusting superbly! We're having so much fun!"

Just wanted you to know that Gina hasn't forgotten about her loyal family, friends and prayer partners. Keep those prayers coming as they finish up their time in Ethiopia and travel HOME!


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  1. So excited to welcome them home Sat. afternoon 4:40p. Nathan has been using the "Cricket" to make our signs - he is so excited. I've loved the time with him and Corban. They've been an absolute delight! ; )