Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gotcha Day!

Today was the day we've been working all year towards. They are in our care, our kids from now on and forever. We had such a wonderful time giving out care packages to five families who are waiting to come to Ethiopia and bring home their children. I cried especially over the precious babies whose moms I've gotten to know well here in Fort Worth.
Once again when it was time to leave, and the nannies came out to this time say Good-bye to the kids, Bekelech's silent tears began rolling. But then, Jason picked her up and turned to walk to the gate, away from the transistion home. She immediately broke out into the biggest smile. She knew that she knew that she knew she was leaving with us. You are an orphan no longer sweet baby girl, you are our daughter.
This is one of the kids favorite nannies and when they see this picture they get very excited and scream out her name. She stopped us to let us know that Bekelech loves to sing, we can't wait to hear her sweet voice.
As soon as we got back to the guest house it was time to play with our new toys and to grab dinner. They immediately recognized all the duplicates of the toys we had sent in their care packages. Bekelech plopped that My Little Pony between her legs and began braiding its mane! Caleb grabbed his Elmo car, a favorite obviously and began driving it all around the room. He loves cars!!!! We then began the long process of bathing them for the first time. They absolutely loved the water and laughed and giggled the entire time. We had to change the bath water repeatedly, they were dirty little boogers. The Transistion Home does an amazing job of keeping them clean, but Addis is a dirty city and we were all filthy by the end of each day!
They both fell asleep quickly without much of a peep, it was an easier day than I was expecting, but I'm sure the challenges will increase in the days to come! Thank you Lord for this blessing!

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