Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Embassy Appointments

From Jason's Facebook page: "passed successfully through the American Embassy so we will be getting their Visas on Friday and coming home on time!!!!!"
We were 10 for 10 today at the Embassy. All 10 families passed the lady at the window and will be receiving their visas! Praise God!
After our long morning of waiting in line at the Embassy we headed over to lunch at the Lucy, we ate there our first meal in Addis, but does that seem like forever ago, whew!
Afterward we took them shopping with us in town, and bought a few things for them and for our loved ones back at home. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and ready to get home and chill.
Back in the room Caleb once again found the bubbles and tried so hard to blow them himself. But as you can see, he wound up spitting all over the place rather than blowing air!!


  1. Woo hoo! God is so gracious!
    Love the family pic. You're all together!
    Noticed in one of the pics that you're giving a bath using an aqua tub. When we were there in August, we bought a tub exactly like this (almost impossible to bathe our toddler otherwise) and left it at the transition home for other families to come. Is this the tub?
    Congratulations! You'll be home with your sweet kiddos in no time. I just adore your sweet Brooklyn too.

    In His Love,
    Amy, Mom to John and Ryan
    AW ET YG

  3. awesome news you guys!! loved the pics!!! and...nice shirt, jason!! woowhooo!!! congrats, you guys! your children are beautiful!!