Friday, January 22, 2010

On their way!!

This is Emily again just letting you all know that the newly expanded Root family is in the air and on their way home!

If all goes according to schedule they should arrive into DFW at 4:40pm Saturday, January 23rd on Delta flight 1923 from Atlanta. Right now they are scheduled to be coming in to gate/baggage claim E14. This could change, so, make sure you check it before you arrive at the airport.

Praise God for bringing them this far already and let's pray them on home!!

**ETA: Carol checked their flight info leaving Ethiopia and their flight has been delayed until 3:30am Ethiopian time (6:30pm our time), however they had a 6 hour lay-over at WASH/DULLES so now it will just be 3, allowing them to HOPEFULLY still arrive on time at DFW!

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