Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3 - Meeting the Birth Family

The children, most likely cousins of Bekeh and Caleb, were beautiful, happy, and so loving. I know that our kids village believes in God, and Jesus Christ. I know He is looking after them. Everything else broke my heart. To see the tiny hut our children were born into, to see the saddness on their father's face as he explained that it was because of his "beloved wife's death" that he could not care for them. That to keep them with him, "was to kill them with his poverty." He told us he had nothing in this world except his children and so he had to give them to us and to God. Our day traveling to meet Lapresso, their ET father and Askelech their 9 year old sister, was, life changing. Brooklyn broke down sobbing when we got back in the van to leave. We were all changed by the poverty, by the conditions, and by the love and joy that grew in the midst of it all.

They had not seen the kids in many months, and as soon as we brought out pictures the entire village began laughing, smiling, and of course kissing their pictures.

God chose this man to be our children's first father. He will be loved and respected, talked about and honored in our home for the rest of Bekeh and Caleb's life. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that they could have life. Thank you Father for teaching us how to do the impossible.

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